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Platres Cultural Center

“Platres Cultural Centre” is housed in the traditional building of the old Municipal Market beside the offices of the Community Council. It is built out of local stone in 1913. Today the building has been renovated and converted into multi-purpose hall. The center hosts a permanent exhibition entitled: “Poet and Citizen”, which is dedicated to our great Nobel laureate poet, who associated his name with Platres. At the same time, transporting visitors to the climate of the time, other areas have been shaped and decorated accordingly in the “King Farouk” and “Daphne Du Maurier” rooms in honor of personalities found in Platres in the past. The central hall is dedicated to Victoria of England (1819-1901), connecting the retro Victorian decoration, with the color and smell of lavender, which was also the favorite plant of Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandmother. The lavender theme center has been operating in the same space for the last time. An education and entrepreneurship platform based on lavender, with workshops, educational programs and a shop for products derived from the aromatic plant (soap, oils and more). The history of Platres presented in the 4 halls of Platers Cultural Center and now a walk that highlights the uniqueness and grandeur of the past, its history and the Royal visits that highlighted it as the best Resort in the Mediterranean, making you proud that you chose to come for a vacation in Platres.

The building has central air conditioning system, and is equipped with modern audiovisual facilities. The high standard and space flexibility of the “Giorgos Seferis Hall” can host all kinds of events such as exhibitions conferences, seminars, concerts and audio-visual projections. The lobby welcomes the visitor in a modern, bright space. It can be used as a lobby and provide coffee breaks, cocktails, at conferences or even can be used as an exhibition space.