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8th European Congress
on Rural Tourism

November 22-24 / 2023, Venue – Cultural Center,
Platres Village, Cyprus

General Outline

The 8th European Congress of Rural Tourism focuses on the Responsible Traveler as a force for good, not only for those travelling but also for the people, communities and environment that we come into contact with during our holiday.

The conference is structured in four thematic sessions pointing out the interrelationship between sustainable development and tourism competitiveness. It will examine the profile of the next generation customer together with the skills need to develop in order to maximize his/her satisfaction.

The conference will point out the importance of the young generation in shaping tourism demand and product offers. It will act as a platform for discussion about the ways in which policies and practices in the area of rural tourism can strengthen rural tourism competitiveness and cater for the needs of local societies and visitors. It will act as a forum to review best practices in Cyprus and other European countries for enhancing the rural tourism experience in a way that is beneficial both for the visitor and for the destination.


Platres, Village